Issue Thirteen | Spring 2021

Celebrating four years of literary publishing, the Editors of Twyckenham Notes are proud to present our inaugural 2021 issue. One of our largest to date, the issue features work by Hadley Austin, KB Ballentine, Jonathan Blake, Julie Phillips Brown, Lucas Burkett, Hayun Cho, Sade Collier, Martins Deep, S. Preston Duncan, George Franklin, Max Heinegg, Briggs Helton, Jen Karetnick, Andy Keys, Nick Lamia, Elisabeth Murawski, Suphil Lee Park, Jennifer Saunders, Allen Shadow, Gary Sloboda, and Jean Wolff.

As we turn into 2021 daring to hope The Editors, (Austin, John, David, Adam) thank you for your support over these four years. Whether you’ve submitted, been published, been rejected (and hopefully tried again), read or shared—-thank you for your support of artists, the arts, and Twyckenham Notes.

One of my favorite moments is this section near the end of Hayun Cho’s “Eggs”:

A body and its memories, its denial
of essence, makes an archive
that refuses to be explained.
Why not say I am still living...

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