Twyckenham Notes

Contemporary Art & Poetry | est. 2017

Issue Fifteen


Poetry: Ahrend Torrey • Mary Ann Samyn • Carolyn Oliver • Jane Craven • Nick Reading • Shannon K. Winston • Evan Vandermeer • Natalie Solmer • Esteban Rodríguez •Julie Renacres • Ron Stottlemyer

Visual Art: Adrian Huth• Linds Sanders • Sarah Louise Wilson • Sarah Jane Sutterfield • Nelson Lowhim

The Spotlight



Dréa Collage

Confetti Forest
collage with handmade paper and paint
20″ x26″
The Trip
collage with handmade paper and archives documents
20″ x 28″ inches

Joe Bolton

"That magic hour in the movies
when even what doesn’t happen
is narrative enough, and the sea,
reduced to a source of beautiful longing,
darkens, and makes a minor music."

Susan O’Dell Underwood

"Isn’t this dinosaur weather?
The cicadas are ratchet-jawing, a serenade ugly in its devotion
to beauty. They are finding one another. They are singing
hymns to their brief infinity, monotone on and on
into the universe, the sound of praising the universe."


by Allan Peterson

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Peterson’s fifth collection, with its shorter, often sonnet-sized work, makes a fine introduction to his style, in which minute observations unfold into good advice about an intricate, interdependent, imperiled natural world.” ~ Publisher’s Weekly

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“A few rungs from the top
of the hayloft ladder, my cousin

spreads his thin arms wide
and falls like a sparrow hawk

through invisible time. . . .”



Ron Stottlemyer

Issue Five

“Cold morning, even sunlight
hunkered down.
Earth has borrowed the moon’s pallor,
certain, pure . . .”

— from “November” by Maria Berardi