Twyckenham Notes is an independent online literary magazine based out of South Bend, Indiana. Founded in early 2017 by Austin Veldman, TN publishes unsolicited and solicited poetry and artwork three times a year (March, July, and November). Poetry published in Twyckenham Notes has won the Pushcart Prize and has been named as a finalist for the Best of the Net Anthology. We also nominate for Bettering American Poetry and Best New Poets. Committed to publishing a variety of voices, from fellow Hoosiers to poets around the world, TN seeks to present an honest and visceral rendering of our collective human experience.

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A Note From the Editor
August 2017

Growing up in South Bend in the early 2000’s, the prevalent attitude of the town’s youth was not lost on me: I wanted to leave as soon as I could. The common words among most were “there is nothing to do here”. And I think, to a degree, we were right.

South Bend is a town with its own history of ups and downs. Located on the ‘south bend’ of the St. Joseph River, our city enjoyed a generous period of growth that was spurred by the rise of the automobile maker Studebaker. With the closing of Studebaker plants in 1963, the manufacturing jobs left. South Bend effectively collapsed, its population shrinking. The South Bend that I grew up in was still very much suffering under the weight of this economic slump.

The South Bend of today is very different.

In the last five years, it feels as if the city has finally begun to reinvent itself. There are cafes hosting music and events. Breweries are popping up. Singer-songwriters and bands are playing in the city every week. Poetry and literary readings, showcasing both local and outside writers, are commonplace. A converted industrial building now houses an art gallery, a bar, a cafe, and holds music and other miscellaneous events every week.

South Bend has developed its own undercurrent of culture. I founded Twyckenham Notes in response to what I saw in my city; a reemergence, the founding of a new identity. I wanted to add something to the mix, to be a part of this transformation. I hope you submit some of your own work to the magazine and if not, I hope you stay long enough to see what comes next.


Austin Veldman