Ko Smith – Featured Artist No. 5

Introduction by Ko Smith Working with a restricted palette and an oft-used term of phrase, the “American Landscape” paintings respond to a tendency to present, view, and discuss issues through a “Black and White” lens–often hyperbolic and unnuanced–and demonstrate the subtleties present even in such polarized discussions by pushing, pulling, pouring, and sometimes tearing at the paint surface. I’ve restricted my pallet to different types of black and white paint, solely painting with Williamsburg Oils, an American fine oil paintRead more

Issue Eleven | Winter 2020

The first issue of 2020 is ready for reading, listening, and viewing!   Featuring poetry by Christy Prahl Susan Rothbard Allan Peterson James Owens Andrew Hutto Scudder H. Parker Hope Jordan Richard Schwarzenberger Les Bares Barbara Saunier Steve Henn Leigh Jordan John Martone   and artwork by K. Johnson Bowles Kathy Bruce     CLICK TO READ NOWRead more

Issue Ten | Winter 2019

The final issue of 2019 is available for reading, viewing, and listening.   Featuring poetry by Nick Reading, 2019 Joe Bolton Poetry Award   Jane Craven, finalist M. Soledad Caballero, finalist Max Heinegg, finalist Cindy King, finalist   Alan Hill SM Stubbs D. Dina Friedman Katharyn Howd Machan David Magill Carol Barrett Laura Grace Weldon   and artwork by Jeanne Beck     CLICK TO READ NOWRead more