Issue Three

Winter 2017

Chris Boyko. Anatomy: compose, distinctive, personal. 2015. 48″ x 36″


Shriram Sivaramakrishnan


Russell Thorburn

The Union Solider Braces for the Cold Under the Tree

After the Saturday Night Fight Sergeant Reese Dreamed of the Blonde in Her Hijab

A Polish Professor Tells Me I Am Wearing the Same Kind of Hat That Czeslaw Milsoz Did Years Ago

Kimberly Kruge


Susan Sonde


For As Long As You See Me,
For As Long As You Watch Me

George Kalamaras

Turning Sixty-One, I Think of Tu Fu’s “About to Leave for Wu Gorge” and Sense the Cut of the World, as I Remember the Archaic Meaning of Gorge as “the Throat”

Jessica Yuan

No Dreams

Chris Boyko

Anatomy: compose, distinctive, personal. 2015. 48″ x 36″

Makeup: foundation, conceal, symmetry. 2016. 36″ x 48″

Concept: position, portrait, replica. 2015. 48″ x 36″

Mary Ann Samyn

On Vulnerability

Best Kept

Josephine Blair

south florida graffiti

Charissa Menefee

The Poet Purges

William Stobb

Motel South Dakota

Rachel Heimowitz

Bird Woman

The Resonance


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