Issue Four

Spring 2018

Cover Art: David by Ko Smith.



Allan Peterson


Keeping Up

Aya Elizabeth

Blackberry Season

Jennifer Saunders

Braking on Ice

Robert VanderMolen

Rainy Day in January

The Neighborhood

Christine Darragh


Daniel Uncapher

Ocean Facts

Cameron Morse

Fetal Movements

Nick Wort


Stella Vinitchi Radulescu

nightly talk

heaven so what

under the shroud

stephanie roberts

Skinned & White Knuckle

John Gallaher

We All Want the Same Things

Jessica Mehta

Juan G.

Lana Bella

Clinic Blue

Shahir Rizk


Michael Zinkowski

Reincarnation / I Hope I Never See You Again So Skinny And Mean

George Franklin

The Way It Is Now




Ko Smith

Seer. 2016. Oil on canvas. 48″ x 30″

David. 2011. Ink, Oil on Canvas. 36″ x 30″


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