Interview | Stephanie L. Erdman

Hello and welcome to the Twyckenham Notes interview series! We have the pleasure of introducing Stephanie L. Erdman, a Professor of English at Lake Michigan College with degrees from Purdue University and Indiana University South Bend. She lives in Niles, Michigan working as a vacuum cleaner technician by day, sneaking across the border to Indiana by night, and occasionally teaching private writing workshops. In this interview, we discuss Stephanie’s first full-length collection of poems, Pyrrhonic, and learn about her relationRead more

“Four Winds Field” (Issue One) – 2017 Best of the Net Finalist

We are happy to announce that "Four Wind's Field" by Craig Finlay (Issue One), was named as a finalist for the 2017 Best of the Net Anthology from @SundressPub! — Twyckenham Notes (@TwyckenhamNotes) March 7, 2018 The Best of the Net Anthology is a yearly collection organized by Sundress Publications that seeks to showcase the best poetry, fiction, and non-fiction published online over the past year. The Anthology has been operating for 12 years, with the first edition publishedRead more

Steve Henn – Featured Artist No. 3

Steve Henn is a northern Indiana poet and high school English teacher. The voice in Steve’s poetry is perhaps one of its strongest qualities. There is this sense of sad reflection, a speaker who recognizes that something is off with the world, and through it all are these threads of critique and of hope. The poems are consciously and cleverly weighted with moments of humor, yet these are not punchlines after a cheap laugh. Instead they are the reflections ofRead more