Voices of Color – Fall 2020

The Editors of Twyckenham Notes are proud to present our Fall 2020 Issue: Voices of Color!
The Voices of Color issue was put into motion in response to recent events in America, but in truth is a recognition of a hard truth about our nation. It is a declaration that we will not remain silent. Where others might seek to silence these voices and these truths, we will elevate them. Art has this power to connect us to experiences different than our own—it is our hope that the work in this issue brings this light into the lives of readers. So, please share with your friends, family, and acquaintances!
In this issue, you will find poetry from seasoned poets as well as those who are publishing for the first time ever. We hope you enjoy the issue! Link at bottom.
Featuring poetry by:
          Fareh Malik
          Esther Ra
          Simbo, Olumide Manuel
          Kathy Jiang
          Nailah Mathews
          Adrienne Barton
          stephanie roberts
          Rachel A. Zhu
          Dorsía Smith Silva
and the cover image by:
          Yasmeen Husein



Art as resistance is not naïve or futile—it is bold and courageous. It embraces that which makes us human—our love, our anger, and our passion. Through art we inspire one another towards a more compassionate worldview and towards empathy for those whose lived experience is different than our own. Art as resistance is a celebration, a call to a higher purpose of togetherness through the witness of the artist and the consumption of the reader. Through our participation in art we reject the idea of remaining silent.

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