Dréa Collage

Twyckenham Notes
Issue Fourteen
Winter 2021-22

Confetti Forest

collage with handmade paper and paint
20″ x26″

The Trip

collage with handmade paper and archives documents
20″ x 28″ inches

The Great Crossing

collage with handmade paper and paint
18″ x 24″

ANDRÉE-ANNE GUAY was born in 1986 in Limoilou, Québec. Her studies went from Media Arts to Archival Arts. Therefore, the fruit of her work is a pleasant combination of these two passions. Dréa’s collages celebrate the beauty of the universe in all its originality and complexity. Mainly composed of archival documents, her colorful illustrations are a praise of the world’s diversity. drea.ca | Facebook | Instagram

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