Josephine Blair


south florida graffiti

the wall where everyone comes

when everyone first comes

is up for adoption
shark-toothed driftwood holds

Spanish-wrapped babies and

enough debris in the lemongrass

to build monuments

to the people who are supposed to live here
how​ ​beautiful​ says the woman who doesn’t see color

to the sherbert-sweating diamonds

to the melon-chewing iguanas
macaws sing in sirens and

the city collects its spine

one vertebrae at a time
behind a glass shield of ten-dollar doughnuts

vegan devil’s food goji cacao

or some shit like that, thick

and dripping with white icing and the glow of freedom from cruelty

and red dye number five

can​ ​you​ ​believe​ ​the​ ​way​ ​.​ ​.​ ​.?

she hangs questions from the pepper tree

and commiserates with kings while
across the street, hurricaned women

are lighting fresh candles

and remembering their sons

JOSEPHINE BLAIR is a Miami-based writer and activist. She is the girl writing poems and reading dystopian fiction on the Surfside beach. Her work can be found in Meniscus Literary Journal and elsewhere.