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Amanda Leemis – Featured Artist No. 4

AMANDA LEEMIS grew up dancing in the Ballet Memphis Junior Company, and went on to study dance in college. In 2013, she graduated from Indiana University with a General Studies Degree, a minor in Dance, and a minor in Religious Studies. In 2012, she traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to volunteer teaching children in the Vrygrond Township. She had such an incredible experience that she finished her studies at the University of Cape Town.

Several of Amanda’s paintings give the sense of a loss of control, of a recognition to societal and cultural forces that would seek to dominate the represented figures. In “Mirror” the main subject, a woman with red lipstick and stark blue eyes, is seen to have her gaze and her focus controlled by hands that extend from outside of the canvas. The subject’s disheveled mouth gives the impression of disgruntled compliance. And then there are the other two figures which we notice after, whose eyes remain hidden as if in sympathy or understanding.

Other works build on this theme of female control. In “Cygnus”, we see a female figure suspended in what appears to be a cosmic landscape. She is vulnerable in this suspended space, two jagged areas of black shapes closing in from the top and bottom of the canvas. Red and orange color runs from her body like blood or tears. This seems to be a representation of more broad considerations of control, of the nature of the human organism itself; to be a conscious being in this vast and unforgiving universe.

Amanda’s art demonstrates a wonderful understanding of color; how it can used to create contrast within the works to an emotional effect. We see this in every work we showcase here; in “Mirror” the flesh of the women stand out in stark contrast to the darker portions of the painting. In “She Spills Things”, the piercing gaze of the subject is framed by a orange and a pink that balances the painting; what might of been just a portrait becomes something mystical and powerful. The emotional tone of the subject is amplified by this expert use of color.

For the past three years, Amanda has been working as a professional model based in NYC. Her work has lead her to Istanbul, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, and London. Her travels and experiences inspire her to create. Her favorite mediums include ink, charcoal, and colored pencils. She is largely inspired by people, nature, and “our infinitely beautiful creator”.

We hope you enjoy these wonderful works of art. Suggested listening while viewing.



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Acrylic on Canvas
36″ x 48″

Ink, pen, colored pencil.
12″ x 9″

She Spills Things
Oil on canvas
12″ x 12″

Ink, colored pencil, pen
14″ x 17″

Oil on canvas
20″ x 28″


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