Max Heinegg


Cajole me in from the porch of shore
to tiptoe over daggering shells,

following the sun’s andante
into the pickling. From waves

to troughs, I enter the measure
to keep up with the conductor,

calling rest an accord. Out of doubt’s
earshot, I don’t wonder, Did we leave

too few lovers? Any other one too many.
Young, we left together. Now our verses

double as chorus—the song carries itself.
At night, we follow our daughters

down the beach beneath a parting
moon, the darkness all our palace. 

MAX HEINEGG‘s poems have appeared in 32 Poems, Thrush, Nimrod, The Cortland Review, and Love’s Executive Order, among others. He lives and teaches in Medford, MA, where he is also the co-founder and brewmaster of Medford Brewing Company.