Lucas Burkett

School for the Carrion
The Sacrifice

School for the Carrion

from the bleak,
dipped in mint 
and ambergris,

I teach advanced tedium
to the rotting youth.
after paltry sentence
a foresight gleaned 
from the muzzled growl
of the period’s 
My words
won’t resolve
the boil
in this beggar’s


Without going outside

Consider shame


The professor waves adieu on his way to the bait shop

Mommy dines on canned baloney by moonlight

The tarpit tickles our toes

The Sacrifice

Today I will watch Tarkovsky.
First I must drop a neighbor in the fire.

I find a hand, curled with a wish.
I write a shopping list in gold and rhyme

(disguised by disgust) 
in the dark frontier down the alley behind the bar.

I want what you want.
To win the game of someone else’s love.

LUCAS BURKETT is the recipient of the 2019 Wolfson Poetry Award. His work has appeared in Fanzine,  Philosophical Idiot, and other publications. He lives with his fiancée in Goshen, Indiana.