Stuart Forrest


Earth Flesh

When I was small
I wanted my brown skin
to smell like sun seared dirt,
turned black with rain
invoked by thunder;
its scent sent aloft in zephyrs
stirred by dragonfly wings.
When I was small
I wanted God to tell me secrets
that he only told colored kids;
magic words of power and safety,
words as big and strong
as my daddy.
When I was small
I wanted to crown my momma with gold.
I wanted to give her a diamond dress
and a drink that would make her fly,
and she would hold me forever
and never cry.
When I was small
I wanted the world to love me.

STUART FORREST was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1951. He is a retired public services employee living in Foster City, California. In the summer of 2014, he developed a passion for creative writing while attending Stanford University Continuing Studies.