Tony Hamilton

Twyckenham Notes
Issue Fourteen
Winter 2021-22


Another glacial age folded in upon itself
recedes toward the poles
from this motherland of mine
Leaves a broken whalebone comb
and ash and ice in drinks
It melts and dilutes the spirit
same as anywhere else I suppose
But I am at least accepting the half-solid
and unresolved inconclusion
that I did get roaring drunk
at the party anyway
where I played piano loud
and clapped my cousin on the shoulder
with a cheer for things like
sobriquets and likelihood and destiny

But when I awoke today with the stale whiff of woodsmoke
clinging to my clothes I knew
I was still somehow doomed to abstraction

TONY HAMILTON lives in New York, where he is pursuing an MFA. His work has appeared in Poetry South, The OPEN Journal of Arts & Letters, The Decadent Review, The Texas Poetry Calendar, and elsewhere.

Cover image by Dréa Collage
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