Lina Marino

Twyckenham Notes
Issue Fourteen
Winter 2021-22

Deeper Waters

I cry, “People!”
while Patti drives the yellow Volvo
over a bridge
where so many have jumped
into deeper waters.

The girl in the pink
blazer walking across
hurts my eyes.

I wonder if I will be driven
to the same conclusion. In wintertime,
on a crowded avenue, my
face is smooth white stone.

I skip pebbles on the river—wanting
its secrets without diving in. It flows
so close I feel blue visions
shifting my veins.

Far out at sea my family rows, squawking
gulls denying the current; a thick black
mist closes in. Not one of us

knows how or why or what it is
that moves us every day. 

LINA MARINO lives and works in California. She is published in The Comstock Review, a recipient of a National League of American Pen Women award in poetry, and has earned her BA in Creative Writing from Binghamton University. She is working on her debut novel.

Cover image by Dréa Collage
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