Maximilian Heinegg


Valentine’s Day

The nurse calls to say she will see
you again tomorrow. The day after —
The 14th, let me see, do you want 11, 1, 3 PM?
The radiologist will also be there.
Each professional promises
On the second day we learn it may be safe
to give it six months, we check our balance
call out for hot & sour soup,
your favorite Chinese. I tip heavily.
The biopsy will be
there after school vacation.
The small calcifications, what an x-ray
can & cannot tell trained eyes- but
the radiologist has also been there —
your colleague texts, she has as well.
The first night
our twelve-year-old walks in, asks
if you have cancer. No, honey, no.
No, honey, no.

MAXIMILIAN HEINEGG‘s poems have appeared in The Cortland Review, December Magazine, Columbia Poetry Review, and Tar River Poetry, among others. He teaches high school English in Medford, MA, and is a singer-songwriter whose records can be heard at