Steve Henn

I Remember

Godwilling, a long sober summer ahead.
I walk nowhere every day as if the journey
is the destination. Years ago and way down
south I walked around for hours, for blocks,
for miles, in circles, without pause
until I fell on my knees on a darkened stretch
of pavement and jammed my fingers
down my throat to purge the Hell I lived
as if its Genesis was in my guts.
It would really help if I could talk about
the things that happened but I am told
for the benefit of me and certain interested parties
it’s best to let it go. Reasonable advice I haven’t
a clue how to enact. I’ve never been that frightened
since. They even poisoned the watermelon
at the grocery store. I wouldn’t put it
in my gaunt and terrified skull. I called my brother
who put me up and put up with me overnight
and then returned me to that purgatory,
to the hospital I hated for everything
they didn’t do, for all they failed to heal in me.

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