Guy Thorvaldsen



It’s late at night,
and I’m sure hearts
are closing everywhere,
before sleep,
before a chance has been taken,
before the woman announces,
“I’m leaving,”
and the man leans back
against the kitchen counter
with nothing more to say,
because last night,
in the dark,
on the back deck,
he looked up and saw stars,
and they were like pinpricks of light–
that’s all they were.

GUY THORVALDSEN‘s poetry has appeared in Alligator Juniper, Forge, Gulfstream, Magma 69, Zone 3, and Poet Lore. His first full-length book, Going to Miss Myself When I’m Gone, came out in October 2017 through Aldrich Press. He teaches writing at Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin, is a journeyman carpenter, husband, father, and contributing poet/essayist for community radio.