Posture of Unease

(an Ashbery Erasure poem)

                 It seems like
                 this film
                 of autumn
                                        must be
           get more
                                     evil; we keep

                     caring, satisfied
         We arrive
                            perfectly flat
                            on water.
                     There’s more
                     to it
                                     than our
                                     own juices

from April Galleons


Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse

(an Ashbery Erasure poem)

               were our
               nestled in
      the municipalities
      We slept for peace
      Then he came up to me
      the weight of the present
      lost just by standing
      the hum
                     of a meritocracy
                          original fear

from Where Shall I Wander

DAVID DODD LEE is the author of ten books of poems, including “Orphan, Indiana” (Akron, 2010) and “And Others, Vaguer Presences”, a new book of Ashbery erasure poems published by BlazeVox in 2017. He is also a visual artist, whose newest exhibition of collages will be featured at Northern Illinois University in October, 2017.

David’s artwork, both those featured in Issue Two as well as many others, can be viewed and purchased at http://seventeenfingeredpoetrybird.blogspot.com/